Monday, August 26, 2013

[VIDEO] 2013 Look 566 Ultegra Blends Comfort and Capability

The 2013 Look 566 Ultegra. Because Cyclists Who Ride Centuries Want to be Comfortable Too.

Look no further than the first word of this sentence if you're looking for a comfortable, efficient bike. The brand is called Look— and if you haven't yet; you should. 

Besides the bike's great *Look* (Ok, you get it) The 2013 Look 566 Ultegra offers many great features in the way of versatility and performance.

To start, Look has used their proprietary blend of high modulus and high resistance carbon. They have also flattened the top tube and seat stays to help the bike be more compliant.

The whole bike has been designed and tuned to be responsive. Look says the frame was developed for those cyclists who want to ride for several miles at a leisurely to fast pace. So really, this bike is for the cyclist that wants to be comfortable, even on that century or race.

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