Reverse Auction Bikes and Prices

How the Auction Works

On August 18th, we will drop the price of these 40 bikes by 10% off of MSRP. Each successive Friday we will drop the price another 5%. On September 29, we will have the final drop which will be a total of 40% off the original price. 

How You Can Win a Bike at the Auction

You can come in during any week and buy any remaining bikes at the price for that week. But if you wait too long, somebody might buy the bike you were hoping to buy. See the list below.

You Can Place a Bid in Advance

It is a lot of work to be constantly coming in to see what bikes are left. You can place a bid by phone, email, or in the shop. Pick the bike and the price you want to pay. Give a deposit of $100, and if the bike lasts until your bid date, we'll call you and let you know you've won the bid. You then come pay the rest of the winning bid, and take home your bike. Please Note!! If you don't pay for the bike, you will lose your $100 deposit.

Can I Change My Advance Bid?

Yes, you can. Up until shop closing the day before your bid is to be awarded. You can only move the bid to an earlier time or to another bike the same week. You cannot move the bid back to a later time.

Share the big news!

Be sure to tell your friends about this auction. You will do them a huge favor if they are able to win the auction on the bike they have been wanting.

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