Friday, November 15, 2013

Not Just Bikes... Shoes on Closeout as Well! All Kinds!

Whether You Need Road, Mountain or Triathlon Shoes (or just Economically Priced Ones) We've Got 'em

Wearing old shoes or ones that aren't suited to your riding style can mean aching, numb feet at the end of a long day of riding. And, with our SUPER low CLOSEOUT PRICES, your wallet won't be aching or numb either!

Take the Giro Factor Carbon Road Shoes for example.     

 WAS 279.99 NOW 189.96
Luxurious comfort and uncompromising power. Super supple material delivers unmatched breathability and also features unique foot conforming properties to provide an incredibly comfortable form fit. It's sole is borrowed from the Easton EC90 carbon fiber which is incredibly stiff and light as a feather.

On the inside, the SuperNatural footbed cushions and supports with cycling-specific padding and three included inserts which allow you to fine-tune your shoe's arch support for a perfectly tailored fit!

• 3 hole mounting pattern
• 518 grams per pair
• Micro adjustable strap with off-set straps

 WAS 229.99 NOW 149.96

Or, if you like Mountain Biking, there are the Giro Gauge Carbon Mountain Bike Shoes

Like Giro's other top-tier models, the Guage features the amazing Teijin AG100 microfiber upper. Scuff guards at the shoe's most exposed areas deliver extra protection off-road. For the retention system, Giro uses a replaceable ratcheting buckle and two off-set straps for adjustability, security, and pressure relief. A smart D-ring adjusting center strap has also been added for an additional level of customization

Weighs 355 grams in size 42. Compatible with a standard two-bolt MTB cleats. Available in White and Black (red accents), Black (red accents) and Magnesium/Black.

Are you a Triathlete? Try Mavic's Tri Race Shoes
 WAS 199.99 NOW 134.96
Pure tri performance

Exceptional performance thanks to the Energy Alutex outsole, triathlon specific upper construction and features like the Easy On Strap.

• Energy Ride: Energy Alutex Outsole: The bi-density Alutex outsole with aluminium enhanced nylon and glassfiber insert assures increased stiffness with a thin profile (7mm Stack height) for racing performance. 5mm front rear cleat adjustment. Energy Ride. 
• Easy On Strap: Patented strap system which remains open for easy and rapid transitions. The large Velcro closure provides rapid adjustment and secure foothold. Ergo Ride.
• Ergo Fit 2D: Pre-shaped 2 density composite insole with a high density rear heel cradle. Agion anti bacterial treatment. Ergo Ride.
• Ergo Strap Custom: Adjustable version of this advanced closure system. Strap length can be customized based upon individual foot shape and preference. Ergo Ride.

WAS 129.99  NOW 64.96!
Ok, maybe your shoes are falling apart at the seams, and you only have $100. Check out these shoes from Diadora Zone, and use the money you save to get something nice for yourself!

This is the ideal shoe for cycling lovers and anyone taking up road cycling! These shoes are light, comfortable and well ventilated.
Outsole: in Diapan Fiber with ICS system for ventilation. Female thread in steel studied to be compatible with SPD, SPD-R, Look, Time Impact and Campagnolo pedals.
Upper Material: in Suprell and nylon, cotton lined
Closure: 2 Velcro bands, which wrap the foot perfectly
Insole: removable in EVA, Cambrelle lined insole with microperforations

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Top 5 Reasons To Replace Your Helmet

Will Your Head Be Safe?

Obviously, if you have been in a crash, or if the helmet is in two pieces, you will have to get yourself a new one. But maybe you haven't considered one of the reasons on this list. Be informed. Be safe.

1. Helmet manufacturers recommend replacing helmets every five years. 

And it's not so they can sell a bunch of new ones. It's because the materials in a helmet break down over that time causing the helmet to lose some of it's impact-absorbing ability, which means in a crash, you're at risk!

2. Helmets are constantly improving. 

Today's designs are drastically superior to those we were wearing just a few years ago. Helmet manufacturers have engineered features like better cooling vents, feathery weight, and extra protection against concussions, all of which make it worthwhile to upgrade regularly.

3. Significant Accidents or Falls

EPS foam is made to compress upon heavy impact. This disperses the force of the impact sothat the helmet, not your skull, is taking the brunt of the blow. However, EPS foam does not completely regain its shape after a major impact. The bottom line from every source is that, if the helmet has been in an accident, replace it, even if it does not look damaged.

4. The outside is just foam or cloth instead of plastic, or it doesnt have a CPSC, ASTM or Snell sticker inside, or you just can't get it to fit!

Obviously foam and cloth are not protective enough, but there are still some helmets floating around out there that aren't up to the safety code that manufacturers established in the 1990s. And anything that doesn't fit is probably not good for your ride.


5. It's not a cycling helmet

It's a good idea to wear a different helmet for each sport you participate in. If you skateboard, or do some activity where you crash regularly, you may not want to wear that helmet for cycling, as it could be less prepared for the types of falls that can occur when riding.

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