Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2017 BMC Road Machine 02 - REVIEW

 Versatile, Sleek, and Durable - The 2017 BMC Road Machine Has It All!

Today we are reviewing the 2017 BMC Road Machine 02. BMC envisioned this bike as the perfect combination between the racing performance of the Teammachine and the comfort and durability of the endurance style Granfondo. BMC tagged the Road Machine as “the one bike collection,” drawing a stiff, responsive ride with a lightweight frame from the Teammachine while providing an endurance driven, compliant build from the Granfondo. This bike was envisioned from the beginning as a machine built with disc brakes, and it achieved its goal. The Road Machine was named Cycling Weekly’s “Aero Bike of the Year 2017” and truly provides high versatility and compatibility for different riding styles.


The mid-grade 02 model uses a carbon frame built with a geometry to accommodate endurance style riding. Its power transfer parts – headtube, chainstays, and downtube – are built oversized and stiff, while the seatstays, seatube, and fork have been designed for a comfortable ride, this means that rougher roads can be smoothed over without compensating too much speed. The seattube specifically has been built for comfort. The junction sits roughly a third of the way down the frame, much lower than most bikes. This Angle Compliance Shaping allows for a lot of flex for comfort while still maintaining rear end responsiveness. Additionally, the d-shaped seatpost provides even more comfort in your ride.

This bike comes equipped with a carbon fork. The fork has a tapered tube shape that add to already great aerodynamics on the rest of the build. The headtube and steerer tube have been built with some extra thickness for added stiffness in the ride. With a long fork steerer and two sets of headset spacers, you can opt for a race style or more relaxed set-up depending on your preference or situation. Additionally, the fork has been designed with plenty of extra clearance for an increased tire width up to 30 mm.

The weight comes in at just over 18 pounds. Although this might seem a little heavy for a road bike, when you consider the added level of comfort compared to race style bikes and the extra material added to the frame for better aerodynamics and stiffness, it is relatively light. For context, the weight is comparable to lower level models of both the Gran Fondo and Teammachine.


The Road Machine features an Ultegra 11 speed drivetrain that is ideal for an all around bike like this one. Additionally, it is outfitted with Shimano 105 gears, Shimano RS505 hydraulic disk breaks, and Novatec 30SL wheels. BMC does not sacrifice when it comes to the equipment on their bikes, and we’re sure glad they don’t.

Ride and Feel

The racing features of the Road Machine offer a precision ride for the most technical routes. Quick, responsive steering makes it an ideal choice for sharp turns and is great on descents and for cornering. Because of its build specialized for disc brakes, it is very smooth on hard braking. One thing to keep in mind is that BMC is a biking company that loves to race and they are very good at building bikes for just that. Because of this, the Road Machine can have a hard ride like any other race bike by BMC, but the endurance influence still provides a comfortability that is hardly found on a normal race bike.

It comes standard with 25mm Continental Gran Sport Race tires. Leaving these tires on will add to the precision ride, but will take away from the comfort level the build can provide. Luckily, because of the extra clearance in the fork, a move to 30mm tires will flip the switch, taking away some from the responsiveness but adding a level of comfort.


The price tag comes in at around $2,900 USD. This might seem a little pricy, especially when compared to previous years. When stacked against the competition, other bikes might have slightly better equipment, but the Road Machine offers versatility and build quality that makes them pale in comparison.


The BMC Road Machine is a great option for everyone from serious cyclists looking for a precision machine to someone wanting a comfortable, high performance commuter as a substitute to other means of transportation. High versatility and build quality highlight this beautiful bike’s characteristics. With the right care and maintenance, this bike can last a lifetime. It comes in a variety of colors to suit anyone’s cosmetic needs.

If you’re interested in making this bike yours or any other bikes in our inventory, come by the shop today and let us help you out!


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