Friday, December 20, 2013

Redeem Gift Cards at Gotta Ride Bike Shops or Spend Christmas Cash on Cycling Accessories!

That Extra $50 from Nanna Is Enough To Get Almost Anything On This List!

Sometimes your friends and family members aren't up to par when it comes to buying specific gifts that really meet your utmost needs. Some of these friends and family members have long ago decided to quit giving gifts and start giving cash or gift cards to their loved ones. Come on over to Gotta Ride to find something that you KNOW you'll like.

1. Serfas Combo Kit   -   $49.95

 Everything you need to get on the road. Saddle bag, front/rear light, multi-tool, patch kit/tire levers, and mini pump.

 2. Enzo's Button Hole Chamois Creme   -   $19.95

 Our most popular chamois creme.

  3. Nite Rider Solas 2W Taillight   -   $44.95

 At 2w, this light can be seen a long way away. 4x as bright as most higher-end taillights at only a slightly higher price. USB rechargeable means no AAA batteries to go dead on you.

 4. Clearview Micro Mirror   -   $14.95

Attaches to most any helmet, provides great vision with a minimal footprint

 5. Bike Helmets

 Previous year helmets by Bell, Giro, LG Mavic on sale for half off!

6. Louis Garneau Arm Warmers   -   $22.95

 A must for winter cycling!

7. Serfas TSL-200 Headlight   -   $64.95

 The TSL-200 Headlight is great for the bike commmuter who's looking for an extra light punch from a USB rechargeable that comes in such a small package.


8. Louis Garneau Electra Jacket   -   $22.95

 A must for winter cycling!

9. Gizmo Wooly G Socks   -   $12.95

Merino wool for colder days

 10. Serfas Thunderbolt Tail Light   -   $44.95
This USB rechargeable light is the brightest rear light that we have. It features a wide non-directional beam to maximize visibility from side angles. Easy to move from bike to bike with the silicone attachment system. Runs 2 to 9.5 hours on a charge.

Thanks For Shopping With Us!

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