Friday, October 4, 2013

10 Symptoms of Cycling Addiction

Are You an Addict?

If one or all of these apply to you, you could be!

1. You spend more on your bike than your car

2. Only the bottom 2/3 of your legs are tan

  3. Your surgeon tells you that you need a heart valve replacement; you ask if you can choose between Presta and Schrader
4. You have more pictures of your bike than yourself

5. (Guys) You actually shave your legs to gain a bit more speed. Let's not elaborate on this one.  

6. When you are forced to drive, you drive with the windows open or the AC on to simulate riding your bike.  

7. There are more jerseys in your closet than dress shirts.

  8. Biker chick means black spandex, not leather, and a Scott Contessa Women's Road Bike, not a Harley.

  9. Protein bars start to taste better than Snickers or Twix  

10. You find out early on a first date that she doesn't ride a bike; and immediately try to find ways to end the date early. 

 We hope you enjoyed our list, feel free to comment and add more ways to know if you are a cycling addict!

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  1. 1) Your toolbox has more bike tools than car tools. 2) You spend more on a pair of cycling shoes than regular ones.