Friday, September 20, 2013

New 2014 Scott Vanish Aero Road Helmet Makes Waves — Rather, Cuts Through Them

40 Prototypes and an Entire Year of Development Result In the Ideal Aerodynamic Shape

Scott's engineers have been working with sports engineers from the Australian University of Aledaide with the primary objective of significantly reducing drag. They have spent a year looking at the difference in airflow around the helmet in different positions, from cruising (head is more flat) to flat out sprinting (head more angled downward).

"The challenge was to perfectly match the ideal aerodynamic shape given by the wind tunnel study with the manufacturing and the cooling requirements,” says Alexandre Dimitriou, helmet engineer at SCOTT Sports, “while also keeping an attractive and aggressive design.”

After testing many of the iterations, they settled into a design: an attractive, aero round cover with open notches at the rear and central vents with two 1.2mm ribs running from front to back along the sides and three vents at the front with inner cooling channels and exhaust ports around the back to ensure a degree of ventilation.

Of course, many other companies have been moving towards more aero helmets, but that's why Scott partnered up with a renowned university in Australia to provide a truly aero helmet, not just an "uncut standard shell on (the) existing helmet" says John Thompson (Helmet Product Manager at Scott). "As a result of this collaboration we are proud to offer our riders a helmet with real advantage based on solid science."

It doesn't get much better than that.

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