Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned (VIDEO)

If You're Thinking "I Need A New Mountain Bike" You Better Get In Here And Test Ride This Monster

Richard from Gotta Ride Bikes brings you the New 2014 Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned. The new model comes with a couple new features that make the bike a better value, but it's still got all the things that made the 2013 great. It still runs replaceable dropouts, a pretty decent mix of components (depending on the level you buy, Richard recommends the level that comes with XT componentry as far as the best for the money).

This year Scott has signed up with Fox, so they will be using Fox technology for the suspension. Scott has been partnered up with DT Swiss for quite some time, but the move to Fox is one that will make for a nicer product in the end.

On the fork, Scott was using Fox last year, but this year it has a little nicer of a damper. It's a longer travel bike, and because of the two stage system you are able to restrict how much of the travel you are using. In fully open it is 150mm, middle is 130mm, and then fully locked out. It operates both the front fork and the rear can at the same time.

The genius comes in the new 650B tire size, a 29er size, and still offers the bike with 26" for those of you who aren't ready for the new wave.

This bike is competitive, priced well, and it rides well. There's only so much Richard can tell you about this bike over a video, so you should really come to a Gotta Ride Location to check it out and test ride one.

We hope to see you soon!

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