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2014 Scott Speedster 30 Road Bike Review

Perfect Combination of Performance And Durability — At an Entry Level Price

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The design of the Speedster 30 is highlighted by clean lines accentuated with what can only be described as a paint job that is nothing short of breathtaking. It is quite the looker from every angle.


Aero Alloy Frame
The frame is a double butted 6061 Aluminium alloy tubing with a road geometry integrated headtube. The frame is very well contoured and the build quality is top notch, the tubing is predominantly round with sleek seatstays and chainstays. The welds across key joints were compact, but for a bike slotted as a mid-premium level road bike, I would have expected a smoother, more aesthetic finish. 
Aero Carbon/Alloy Fork
Overall the frame is quite stiff and ensures that there is not too much flex while riding, this is expected, as the Speedster 30 is not an out-and-out performance road bike for competition. It is a stable, comfortable bike that is also capable of transferring all the energy and momentum forward when you decide to push the bike while sprinting.

The design and geometry of the bicycle has been intelligently altered to ensure comfort cruising and riding while retaining the bike’s inherent road bike DNA. It is easily one of the most comfortable road bikes out there that I have ridden; and the fact that the designers at Scott have marginally increased the Head tube compared to the usual performance road bike geometry, has resulted in making the riding stance more upright and comfortable for longer rides or just everyday cruising. 

 The bicycle comes with Schwalbe Lugano 700 x 25C road tires which are just the right tires when you need the perfect combination of performance with durability. They boast of a puncture protection belt, which is a good feature for Indian roads. They are fitted to Syncros Race 27 Aero Profile  Rims that will be a key factor in giving you that performance edge off the block.

The Tiagra combination found in the shifters (Shimano TIAGRA ST-4600 Dual control 20 Speed) and the front (Shimano TIAGRA FD-4600) and rear derailleurs (Shimano Tiagra RD-4601-SS 20 Speed) are predictable and expected for a bike in this road category. They perform well and are true and precise through all gears. It is a good combination if you’re someone who is happy cruising while occasionaly looking to burst away from your pack. 

The brakes are Tektro SCBR-525 Cartridge Pads which is sufficient for a road bike; however the brake levers are set really tight which could be difficult to operate for amateurs who are not used to dropdown brake levers.   


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