Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Scott Does It Again: 2014 Scott Foil 20 — Fast, Light and Ready For Action

2014 Scott Foil 20 is a Swift, Aero Road Bike With No Compromises 

Early aero bikes added mass to counter the slim aero tube profiles’ lack of rigidity, but Scott thinks more innovatively. Scott cleverly shaped its bikes’ tube like a cut-off aerofoil. It retains the ability to slip through the air without the need for an extended tail.

From  F01 Technology is based on the theory that a partial airfoil shape without the trailing edge can produce the same aerodynamic advantage as a traditional foil shape. Modern foil shapes are largely based on models and ratios created for airplanes by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, but because bicycles attain speeds far less than those of airplanes, these ratios do not necessarily apply to bikes. SCOTT Aero Science engineers have thus developed F01 Technology to create unique, bicycle specific tube shapes which maximize aerodynamic efficiency at lower air speeds.

The foil is a true speed demon. On flatland it silently and quickly accelerates through the gears and seems to glide along the road surface. Never too firm or stiff to hinder progress, the all-out racing geometry means responsive handling and sharp, quick cornering.

The 2014 Foil 20 can handle any mountain or flat ride. Its frame saves 20 watts and therefore gives the rider a 4% to 5% overall gain in speed on flat rides or for fewer watts, the rider can maintain the same average speed, keeping them fresh for whatever effort is most important. The Foil’s IMP carbon construction allows for a lightweight and stiff structure - perfect for acceleration and climbing.

The frame and fork combination is light and nicely detailed: with carbon dropouts at both ends and neat touches such as an integrated chain catcher to protect the bottom bracket shell.

The downtube flares at the oversized bottom bracket junction, achieving several design goals. This construction adds lateral stiffness without increasing wall thickness, and the new bottom bracket mold disperses load to effectively halve the stress on this crucial junction. The shape of the downtube and bottom bracket carries seamlessly into the chain stays, further reducing turbulence and creating an additional aerodynamic benefit. Also, the drive-side outer diameter of the bottom bracket conveniently accommodates an SRM or power meter.

The Shimano 105 spec extends as far as the shifters, mechs and chainset. The brake calipers are Shimano’s dual pivot BR-R561, and the chain and cassette are from the downscale but still perfectly functional Tiagra group. Shimano’s modest R501 aluminum clinchers are shod with Continental’s Grand Sport rubber.

All in all the Scott Foil represents the perfect balance of light weight, aerodynamics and stiffness, resulting in the most advanced road racing bike available.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Thule Bike Carrying Solutions Make It Easy To Take Your Bike Everywhere You Go

Thule Bike Carriers Are Available at Gotta Ride Bikes (And at GREAT Prices!)

Off-road or on-road. Whether it's just you or a full carload of friends and family, get your bikes wherever you're going with a Thule bike rack – quickly, easily, and safely.

There are many options to choose from when considering a bike carrier — Here are some of the products we offer and why you might want each.

Click any of the pictures to be taken to our online store! Thule Parkway Bike Rack (2-4 bikes)

This tilting hitch rack carries up up to 2 (up to 4 on a different model) bikes and will not block access to trunks or tailgates.

— Soft rubber cradles protect the bike frame while holding it securely
— Tilts away from vehicles for easy trunk, hatch, or tailgate access
— High-strength steel construction

2. Thule Helium Aero 2

 The Helium Aero is nearly half the weight of most hitch racks and is the ONLY ultra-light rack to integrate maximum convenience, bike protection and security into one sleek aero design.
– Patented Hold Fast Cradles with RDT (Road Dampening Technology) secure the bike to the rack while absorbing road shock
– No-Sway cages with RDT prevent contact and absorb road shock for frame protection
– Integrated locking cable and AutoAttach lock knob lock the bike to carrier and carrier to vehicle
– No-Tool AutoAttach allows you to install and remove the rack from your vehicle quickly and 

3. Thule Apex 4 Bike 9025

Premium hitch rack that combines security, convenience and revolutionary new cradles with Road Dampening Technology - making it the most complete hitch rack on the market.
– Hold Fast RDT Cradles absorb the shock of the road protecting your bike during transport.
– Snug-Tite receiver lock virtually eliminates hitch rack movement in receiver and locks the hitch rack to the vehicle.
–Arc design of the arms gives bikes greater  clearance off the ground and provides greater distance between bikes, preventing contact
–Increased mast height for improved ground clearance Thule Spare Me 963 Pro

Thule's heavy-duty bike rack that connects to your rear mounted spare tire now includes Stay Put cradles for better stability, an integrated locking cable for better security and a second adapter plate to fit more tire sizes!— Stay Put cradles with detachable anti-sway cages prevent bike-to-bike and bike-to-vehicle contact
— Integrated locking cable and locking knob secures bike to carrier and carrier to vehicle.
— Carries up to 2 bikes
— Arms fold down when not in use

Come by either Gotta Ride Bikes location to see all the different options we have for carrying your bike around! We'd love to help you pick out the best option for you.

Monday, April 21, 2014

2014 Scott Aspect 950 29er Mountain Bike Review

Hardtail Mountain Bike From Scott Designed To Be Light, Efficient, and Reasonably Priced

Featuring a lockout mechanism for the fork, disc brakes and Syncros components, this is the perfect bike for the novice or budget conscious mountain biker

— Sturdy 6061 double butted aluminum frame withstands demands of trail use and supplies great handling; replaceable rear derailleur hanger helps extend usable life of frame

— Suntour XCT-29-MLO fork meets trails with 100mm of travel to buffer rough trail features; fork can be locked out for more efficient climbing.

— Shimano shifters and derailleurs snap through the 24 gear combinations for quick, precise shifts

— Shimano mechanical disc brakes supply sure stopping power, even in wet conditions

— Impac Ridgepac tires offer all-terrain handling and traction

Frame: Aspect 900 series, Alloy 6061 D.B. Performance geometry
Front Fork: Suntour XCT-MLO 29" Lockout, 100mm travel
Rear Suspension: N/A
Shift Lever: Shimano ST-EF 51 L / 8R EZ-fire plus
Derailleur Front: Shimano FD-M190 / 34.9mm
Derailleur Rear: Shimano Altus RD-M370 24 Speed
Brakes Front: Shimano BR-M375L, Mech. Disc 160mm SM-RT30 CL Rotor
Brakes Rear: Shimano BR-M375L, Mech. Disc 160mm SM-RT30 CL Rotor
Brake Levers: Shimano ST-EF 51 L / 8R EZ-fire plus
Crankset: Shimano FC-M171, 42×34×24 
Bottom Bracket: Chian-Haur, CH-52 – B
Chain: KMC Z-7
Cassette: Shimano CS-HG31-8l, 11-32T
Hub Rear: Shimano FH-RM 35-CL
Hub Front: Formula CL51
Rim: Syncros X-39 Disc. 32H, black
Spokes: 14 G, stainless, black
Tires: Impac Ridgepac 29 × 2.25 / 24TPI
Saddle: Aspect 3426C
Seatpost: Alloy, 31.6mm
Stem: Aspect, HL TDS-D345A-8
Handlebar: Aspect FT, 680mm, black, 31.8mm, 9 degrees BS
Headset: Ritchey Logic OE integ

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The 2014 Fuji Sportif 2.3 Achieves the Perfect Balance of Comfort, Quality, and Value

The 2014 Fuji Sportif 2.3 is Calling All Riders Who Want All-Day Comfort and Speed

Of course, speed is not the only factor in choosing a bike. You want a bike that allows you to discover the joy of the journey, and take in the simple pleasure of riding. If this sounds like you, the 2014 Fuji Sportif 2.3 is an excellent bike for you!

 This is the first Fuji bike group that features road type disc brakes. Fuji finds that adding this more dependable and stronger braking mechanism will help newer riders feel more safe and comfortable when riding. features Fuji's A2-SL frame, which is stiff, lightweight and durable, but also has a more upright and relaxed riding geometry that won't push your body to the limits on longer rides. The FC-770 carbon fiber fork gives some zip to the bike, but also soaks up road vibrations for a more comfortable ride. Integrated shifting from Shimano ensures riders remain in control when shifting gears on the most challenging roads.

If you are interested in any sort of commuting, you can also add fenders and racks to the bike. Bottom line — if you are looking for an entry level road, commuting, or touring bike — the Fuji Sportif 2.3 is a great option for you.

Come check it out today at either Gotta Ride Bikes location! We'd love to help you pick out the best bike for you!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 Scott Speedster 30 Road Bike Review

Perfect Combination of Performance And Durability — At an Entry Level Price

(review from

The design of the Speedster 30 is highlighted by clean lines accentuated with what can only be described as a paint job that is nothing short of breathtaking. It is quite the looker from every angle.


Aero Alloy Frame
The frame is a double butted 6061 Aluminium alloy tubing with a road geometry integrated headtube. The frame is very well contoured and the build quality is top notch, the tubing is predominantly round with sleek seatstays and chainstays. The welds across key joints were compact, but for a bike slotted as a mid-premium level road bike, I would have expected a smoother, more aesthetic finish. 
Aero Carbon/Alloy Fork
Overall the frame is quite stiff and ensures that there is not too much flex while riding, this is expected, as the Speedster 30 is not an out-and-out performance road bike for competition. It is a stable, comfortable bike that is also capable of transferring all the energy and momentum forward when you decide to push the bike while sprinting.

The design and geometry of the bicycle has been intelligently altered to ensure comfort cruising and riding while retaining the bike’s inherent road bike DNA. It is easily one of the most comfortable road bikes out there that I have ridden; and the fact that the designers at Scott have marginally increased the Head tube compared to the usual performance road bike geometry, has resulted in making the riding stance more upright and comfortable for longer rides or just everyday cruising. 

 The bicycle comes with Schwalbe Lugano 700 x 25C road tires which are just the right tires when you need the perfect combination of performance with durability. They boast of a puncture protection belt, which is a good feature for Indian roads. They are fitted to Syncros Race 27 Aero Profile  Rims that will be a key factor in giving you that performance edge off the block.

The Tiagra combination found in the shifters (Shimano TIAGRA ST-4600 Dual control 20 Speed) and the front (Shimano TIAGRA FD-4600) and rear derailleurs (Shimano Tiagra RD-4601-SS 20 Speed) are predictable and expected for a bike in this road category. They perform well and are true and precise through all gears. It is a good combination if you’re someone who is happy cruising while occasionaly looking to burst away from your pack. 

The brakes are Tektro SCBR-525 Cartridge Pads which is sufficient for a road bike; however the brake levers are set really tight which could be difficult to operate for amateurs who are not used to dropdown brake levers.   


Monday, April 7, 2014

Light It Up For The Most Fun and Safest Night Rides

Safer Night Riding Begins With Good Lighting

Modern high-end light systems offer enough brightness to give your riding companions sunburn (kidding!). And, they come in a wide variety of price points. But, how much light is needed for safe road or off-road riding? We have a wide assortment of bicycle lights for every purpose!

Light It Up

To illuminate the road or trail ahead for your own eyes, not just to be seen at night by others, 10 watts is a good starting point. In general, the greater the headlight's wattage, the brighter the light. There are also systems with yellow and white light, the latter being brighter at the same wattage.

Find The Right Features

Modern lighting systems are packed with features. There are twin- and single-beam headlight systems. There are different battery types (rechargeables are found on better lights). There are ingenious quick-release mounts so you can install and remove the light in a blink. Most lights offer high- and low-beam options like your car (use the high beam for downhills, pitch-black woods, high speed and intersections). There are even computerized light systems on which battery usage and light output is controlled via microchip.

Trail Torch

The ultimate trail setup is having one handlebar light and another on your helmet. The head-mounted light illuminates your field of vision and is especially handy for following bends in the trail because it moves with you as you turn to look (just don't look directly at friends when riding because you'll blind them for a few seconds). Meanwhile, the bar-mounted beam allows monitoring conditions directly in front of the bike for bumps, roots and trail irregularities.

Portable Power

High-watt light systems require large amounts of power so battery systems have gotten very sophisticated. In ascending order of cost, bicycle lighting systems use lead-acid batteries, Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad) batteries, and Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH) batteries. NiCad batteries are lighter and less susceptible to power loss at high or low temperatures than lead-acid, and will last many more recharge cycles. NiMH batteries weigh 30% less than NiCad batteries and offer similar run-times and durability. Proper care and feeding of your battery must be followed to insure you get maximum battery life. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding charging and use of any rechargeable battery.

Night Rides Can Be The Best Rides

Having a good light means you can ride safely at night, which is sometimes the best time to ride. It's after car-commuting hours so the roads are less busy. The sun's gone down, so it's often the most comfortable time of day, too. And, at night, off-road riding can be magical. The best way to decide on a lighting system is to come in and look at some to compare features and cost. Which one is best for you really depends on how and where you plan to use it and how much you'd like to spend. If you can answer these questions, we can help you pick the perfect light.

Friday, April 4, 2014

2013 Mavic R-Sys SLR Is The Wheelset From Your Dreams

Mavic R-Sys SLR: Light weight and responsiveness with no compromise on reliability.

What do you need in a road wheelset? 

You need your wheels to move efficiently with each pedal stroke and in every race situation, but especially during demanding climbs and mountain races. You need it to be light and responsive.
And, you really want it to be easy to change a flat during a training ride.

Click Here For Product Page

Mavic's R-SYS SLR Clinchers bring these fantasies into reality, and Mavic has gone to great lengths to ensure it. "We put a great deal of demand on our wheels. If they're not stiff, responsive, and lightweight, we tend to treat them with either neglect or complete disdain."

"Though you may be intrigued by the idea of full carbon wheels with deep rim profiles, the rim depth on the front and rear wheels (22mm front and 25mm respectively) promotes the healthy aerodynamics and stiffness that you need for climbing bursts and swift descents" — Competitive Cyclist

Mavic uses exclusive technologies to create this light alloy wheelset that is perfect for demanding climbers. The R-Sys SLR now features ISM3D and featherlight Yksion Pro tire for even lower inertia, boosted by superlight bearings and the exclusive Tracomp technology.


SSC Wheel-Tyre System: the pros choice
Optimized Wheel-Tyre System: GripLink / PowerLink
Superior endurance: Exalith
Distinctive full black - SSC graphics


Light and resistant spokes: Tracomp carbon technology
Lighter rims: ISM machining and Exalith

Highly responsive
High energy transfer: Tracomp technology
Lowered inertia for the same stiffness: ISM
Lower rolling resistance: Yksion PowerLink

Weight (pair of wheels with tyre - WTS): 1960 grams
front wheel: 605 grams
rear wheel ED11: 765 grams
pair of wheels: 1370 grams
front wheel with tyre - WTS: 900 grams
rear wheel ED11 with tyre - WTS: 1060 grams


Material: Maxtal
Color: Exalith
Height: front 22 mm, rear 25 mm asymmetrical
Joint: SUP
Drilling: Fore Brake track: Exalith
Weight reduction: ISM
Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm
Tyre: clincher or tubular
ETRTO size: 622x15C
Recommended tyre sizes: 19 to 32 mm

Material: carbon fiber (front and rear non drive side) and Zicral (rear drive side)
Shape: Tracomp tubular (front and rear non drive side) and straight pull bladed (rear drive side)
Color: nude carbon with black nipples and heads (front and rear non drive side), black (rear drive side)
Nipples: integrated M7 aluminum with dry thread lock
Count: front 16, rear 20
Lacing: radial front and rear non-drive side, crossed 2 rear drive side

Body: aluminum
Color: black
Front and rear axle material: aluminum
FTS-L steel

Link: GripLink
Link: PowerLink
Front Tread: Dual Compound "S+"
Rear Tread: Dual Compound
Casing: 127 TPI
Breaker: Strong Nylon
Dimension: 23-622 (700x23c)
Min. Pressure: 7 bar / 100 psi
Max. Pressure: 10 bar / 145 psi
Color: Black / SSC

Clincher M10
Clincher ED11
Tubular M10
Tubular ED11

BR601 quick release
Exalith brake pads
Computer magnet (front wheel)
Bearing adjustment tool (rear wheel)
Spoke wrench (rear wheel)
Spoke holder for aerodynamic spokes (rear wheel)
Tracomp ring tool
User guide  -